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Elmhurst Overview
Updated 8/2014

The family of Dr. Bryon and Mary Anne Truax consider Elmhurst to be a focal point for Mary Anne when she was a child.  Elmhurst is a suburb of Chicago, and the family extension easily reaches throughout the greater Chicago area, and beyon to Nebraska, NY, and Philadelphia ect, but Mary Anne (Quiter) Truax was born in Elmhurst and spent much of her young life there.  Half of Byron and Mary Anne's 8 children were also born in Elmhurst.

We could do a more organized family tree, and such a project might be fun and contribute community value, but it would be exponential and intimidating from a time resources perspective, so... for now we are putting everyone from the Mary Anne (Quiter) Truax side of Dr. Byron and Mary Anne's family in the Elmhurst bucket, sometimes also referred to as the Quiter.

Because we have a mix of surnames, directory filing is by lastname_firstname, based on the maiden name (if known).  In some cases, we may file children under a parent.  There are 3 Richard Quiter's.  Mary Anne's father, the dentist, is Richard the 1st (the oldest of 5 children).  Mary Anne's brother is Richard the 2nd, and his son is Richard the 3rd.  Comparatively, the filing structure for the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of Dr. Byron and Mary Anne is but order of birth with their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and in-laws nested in flat directory layers grouped by each child of Byron & Mary Anne.

The Elmhurst directory is a work in progress.  Content will be incrementally added to the containers on occasion as information becomes available.  As noted previously, a family tree project is exponential, so progress will be in intermittent burst.  Mom (Mary Anne) has a lot of information in a scrap book.  She plans to forward it and I'll plug away with discretionary time.  Alfred Truax did a lot of work on the Truax family tree, but I suspect most of his work may have gone to his grave.  In reality, most people don't focus much outside a bidirectional generation.  They know their parents and kids, and to some extent uncles and cousins.  We grew up in south Florida and never met our genetic parents on our mom's side.  We did frequently see Helen and John Kinnare, who we considered to be our grandparents.  Our dad's relatives lived 1240 miles NNE.  My dad's mother Rose died before I was born, and I only met my dad's father once or twice.  I have no knowledge of my great grandparents, although I suspect smaller families that are less geographically scattered may be more intimately informed about their linage.