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This is a "THANK YOU" note for the wonderful, magnanimous, and more-than-generous gift you all gave me for father's day. It arrived today and now adorns our home on a very practical basis (see the attached photo). I fell in love with the table-top globe when we were visiting Richard, in Seattle, last year. I picked up the brochures thinking that some day I would purchase one. Of course, that day never arrived until all of you pooled your resources and bought me one. I thought I knew what I wanted until Helen suggested that I wait until we went to Houston to visit Mary (we came home Wednesday, the 7th) where we had access to a store that had most of them as floor displays. It was a great suggestion because the want I "thought" I wanted was not the one I selected. We are just thrilled beyond words. I say we, because your mother is just as excited as I am.

Again thanks. We'll cherish it forever.