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We arrived home today.. left Manhattan at 6:30 a.m.. and Newark airport at nine a.m.. We did enjoy our New York, New England stay.

Family picnic was nice.. it was at Roberts home.. Peter, Paul and Joseph were there.. also lots of cousins plus of course the oldie goldies.. Dad, Aunt Jean, Lloyd and Al... and spouses and an assortment of next generation.. Helen and Ian came.. and took train back to NY that evening.. we stayed until Wed. when we left for Maine.. had never been up above Portland.. loved it. cool and nice.

We're glad to be home.. get tired living out of a suitcase.. Back to Manhattan on Sat... and spent weekend with Helen and Ian.. went down to World Trade Center on Monday.. felt I wanted to do that.. unbelievable to see that large empty space. Nice visit with Helen.. More later.. Hope everyone is okey..

Love Mom